Where have all the listings gone?

Where have all the listings gone?
Having trouble finding the right home? It could be based on the simple fact that your choices are limited.
To find out why the number of houses listed for sale has fallen, we surveyed a group of home owners, most of whom had their properties appraised by a real estate agent within the 12 month period prior to the survey.

Out of the people surveyed, a staggering 60% of respondents state that they did not follow through with actually listing their property for sale, following the appraisal.

Our new whitepaper helps answer the question on why listing levels are lower than average, and shows that the cost of moving to a new home is a major stumbling block for most Australians. The survey also tell us what people plan to do if they don’t end up selling their property. Renovations are back, and people are looking for financing solutions to help them with this process.