Cut through confusion and contact a lending specialist.

Given the uncertainty created by COVID-19, many customers are wondering what finance options they have. A good first step is to reach out to a LJ Hooker Home Loans lending specialist as they can guide you through your options to manage your repayments and access any extra funds you might need.

What help can I ask for?

A lending specialist can offer more than a traditional broker as they will guide you through the full loan application process and beyond. They offer expertise around working closely with a credit team to get your loan approved. A lending specialist will be fully up to date with the latest credit policies, so they know what options are available and how best to pursue them.

For a new loan eligibility will depend on your situation. A lending specialist will help you understand how a lender views your credit position and will tailor options around that – instead of simply lodging a loan to a bank and hoping it comes back approved. With new credit reporting laws it’s important the right lender is chosen upfront. Applying multiple times through different lenders may impact your credit rating.

If you need guidance on your existing home loan, there may be an option to defer payments or switch to interest-only repayments for a period to reduce your outgoings and take some pressure off.

Planning for a rainy day

For many people, cash flow management has become top of mind. An LJ Hooker Home Loans lending specialist will help review your situation and investigate any ways to free-up cash flow, such as accessing the equity in your home, or consolidating debts using a personal loan.

With access to vast property data, your lending specialist can also provide free property and suburb reports to help with your research, or to simply help you understand your equity position.

Convenience and Care

Whilst we all maintain safe social distancing at this time, our lending specialists continue to support customers via phone, video call or email.

If you don’t know where to turn for help with your finances during this uncertain time, contact an LJ Hooker Home Loans lending specialist today. Our team are fully up to date with state and national COVID-19 support measures, and are well placed to guide you on finance matters at this time.

For up-to-date information about COVID-19 and Government initiatives that may be available, you can download the Australian Government Coronavirus app.

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