Sometimes the effort of getting away from it all is just too much! The stress of booking accommodation, packing up the car and sitting on a highway crammed with traffic… it’s not surprising many people choose to holiday at home.

Having a ‘staycation’ means taking time off work and spending your days being a tourist in your local area. It makes sense too… the money you save on a hotel or resort as well as petrol or flight expenses can be put towards experiencing the highlights of your city or district.

Here are ten staycation ideas that will have you saying “best holiday ever!”

Rediscover local museums and galleries
The museum never goes anywhere… but how long is it since you dropped by? It can be refreshing to learn the history of your local area or to view works by artists who live in your community.

Take a hike
Your local National Park is a great place to feel like you’re getting away from it all. Most parks have trails of varying distances and difficulties… you can plan a short walk or an entire day trip.

Take in some local theatre
Taking in a musical, play or even circus performance is a great excuse to get dressed up. You can make a night of it by visiting a fancy cocktail bar before or afterwards.

Book a spa day
Beauty Spas offer the ultimate relaxation treatments and nothing says ‘holiday’ more than a massage and pedicure. Remember, you’ve already saved money by having a staycation, treat yourself!

Cooking School
Learn something new on your holidays by taking a cooking class, a pottery class or wine tasting – every part of Australia is known for something – what is your local area specialty?

Hire a kayak / canoe / stand up paddleboard
If you live near the water it can be a lot of fun to get out on it in a way you wouldn’t normally. Local watersport equipment hire is affordable and fun for the whole family.

Experience the local tourist attractions
It might be a historic house, a parasailing adventure or even panning for gold! Just because you live in a town doesn’t mean you can’t experience what the visitors come to check out.

Dine out
Give yourself a break from the cooking by booking a table at that restaurant you have been hearing about for so long. Treat yourself to a three-course meal – you’re on holidays after all!

Camp out
Get adventurous by setting up a tent in the backyard. If weather conditions permit, you can even have a little cookout fire with hot dogs and toasted marshmallows.

Buy a hammock
Sometimes doing nothing is the best part of a holiday! Turn your backyard into a resort with a hammock or super-comfy outdoor chair. Place it somewhere shady, make up a batch of your favourite blended beverage, switch off your phone and grab a good book – bliss!

A final tip – to truly take a staycation, hire a cleaner to take care of the housework each week.

Stay at home … you deserve it!

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