8 Christmas gift ideas to prepare with kids

The official gift giving season has begun!
Invite the little ones to the kitchen and prepare the best homemade (and edible!) Christmas gifts! Try one or all of the suggested activities… the important thing is that everyone has FUN!

1. Cookies for friends

Prepare cookies for friends at school. Choose a basic biscuit dough that you can easily cut out into shapes. Simply make the first letter of a friends name, or if you are up for it, spell out their full name! After decorating the cookies, wrap the cookies in cute homemade packaging that the kids decorate. You might even like to try these fairy bread melting moments to add to the fun.

2. Chocolate bars for your family

Since Christmas only happens once a year, there’s nothing wrong with being extravagant! Make a giant chocolate bar and pick and choose some fun toppings! Wrap it in fun colourful paper and put a smile on your family’s face. Maybe even try one of these Rocky Road Recipes.

3. Chocolate truffles for your educators

Whose heart doesn’t melt for chocolate? Roll your DIY chocolate truffles in coconut, nuts or cocoa powder. Handwrite a note to go along with the homemade truffles – and don’t forget to try one too!

4. A tin of biscuits for your grandparents

Prepare a traditional tin box with various types of biscuits and cookies. Wrap it in personalized brown paper and ribbons! Perhaps try a soft & chewy choc chip cookie,  choc-caramel sandwich cookie or shortbread jam stars.

5. A jar that goes far!

Why not prepare the dry ingredients for a cake or cookies and placed them in a personally decorated jar for aunts and uncles! Tie the white chocolate to the side of the jar with a festive ribbon.

6. A savoury snack for mum or dad

Whether it’s homemade relish, crackers, sauce, paste or curd, mum or dad will certainly love the homemade touch. Decorate the jar and write a homemade card signed by Santa’s little helper!

7. Gifts to donate

Give back this Christmas and make several extra special recipes to offer to charities. You can even pick some toys, books and clothes to donate as well!

8. Edible Christmas tree decorations

To make the countdown to Christmas more fun, make edible Christmas cookie ornaments or even link together multiple cookies with a ribbon to make a beautiful cookie garland! Not only fun to make, but also fun to eat!

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