Whether you’re tight on space, on a budget or just looking for something a little different to try this year, you’re sure to find something perfect in our list of Christmas tree ideas.

Your traditional fresh pine tree

A beautiful fresh cut Christmas tree can be the centrepiece of your home during festive season.

For some it’s the experience at the nearest Christmas tree farm with family and friends. Walking through the plantation of endless rows of Christmas trees and selecting the perfect tree to take home. And for others, it’s simply the smell of the pine freshness which brings delight.



An evergreen faux tree arrangement (or a frosty white)

There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to the faux Christmas Tree. From your evergreen to your frosty white, there is a tree for everyone. Some even come with lights already attached! Some even take Tree fluffing very seriously this time of year. Yes, it’s a thing. No, it’s not what you think it is. And apparently, it will take your tree to the next level! Don’t take our word for it, read more here.



Re-useable Wooden Scandi Inspired Tree

Wooden Christmas trees are a fun alternative and makes cleaning up a lot easier. No needles, screws or nails, just plain timber! It’s sustainable and contemporary and will last you a lifetime, and you can give it a whole new look every year.

Each branch can be moved independently around the trees central trunk, so you can arrange them to suit.  They can form a spiral, a flat tree (great for small spaces) or a random formation to fit your room and decorations.

We have found one at Target, click here to check it out.



 A wall hanging Christmas tree

Offering another alternative to the traditional Christmas tree while maintaining the festive spirit of the season, a hand-woven wall hanging is perfect for bringing joy and cheer to any interior. It’s designed for smaller spaces, families looking for a reusable Christmas tree without all the plastic, or just those who want a different way to show their Christmas spirit. We found a hand-woven here at Sage & Clare.



Two in one Advent Calendar Tree

Save money and space by combining both your Christmas tree and Advent Calendar this year. All you need is 24 coloured envelopes and some chocolates, sweets or small gifts to pop inside.

Write numbers onto the envelopes, fill and seal them, and attach them to your wall in a Christmas tree shape for a new, interactive take on a classic tree.



 A twig tree

Sometimes simple is best, and a twig tree shows you that Christmas doesn’t need to be green to be beautiful. Whether it’s a tree that’s lost it’s leaves or some gathered twigs from your street, hang decorations and battery-powered candles on its bare twigs to bring it to life.



Sparkling Lights Tree

This easy DIY offers a modern take on the Christmas tree without sacrificing sparkle. Simply shape and affix wire lights to a forest green–painted board to create a cool 2D tree.



The Jubiltree Wodden Tree

Another wooden alternative we found, and said to have debuted in Alaska, the Jubiltree Wooden Tree provides another stylish and sustainable way to bring Christmas into a home or business.

It can be adapted to reflect the unique taste of any owner. It will resemble a traditional evergreen when decorated with classic ornaments and Christmas garland or test your creativity with more contemporary materials. As with any tree, it can also be decorated with eco-friendly Christmas decorations to ensure it is good for the earth from top to bottom.

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